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Solutions for Financial Institutions

WebPay Platform

The Webpay© platform is a merchant processing platform specialising in processing online transactions from domestic and international merchants on behalf of acquiring banks.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Webteh has developed a set of processes, procedures and templates allowing us to integrate to any financial institution and system. Find out more

Customised Solutions

The WebPay platform meets most of our varied transactional needs. That said, we recognise technology and systems should be an enabler for your business and should speed up processes and procedure to aid in reducing your operational costs. Find out more

Compliance and Consultancy

Webteh has helped banks and merchants re-engineer their payment technology systems to ensure compliancy with PCI DSS. We build and maintain systems for clients; one thing we don’t do is PCI DSS Audits. Find out more

Managed Processing Service

Webteh and its operations team are able to leverage its experience and WebPay platform to provide you a full end-to-end solution. We are agile and in collaboration with, we can provide you with as much or little as you require. Find out more