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Compliance and Consultancy

Webteh has helped banks and merchants re-engineer their payment technology systems to ensure compliancy with PCI DSS.  We build and maintain systems for clients; one thing we don’t do is PCI DSS Audits.  We prefer that you appoint your own Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to do this part to show and prove and verify externally that we provide what we say we do.  Either we can recommend an auditor or you can utilise your own.

Webteh has nearly a decade of experience working with the card association globally; we are able to provide guidance and advice based on our working knowledge of the associations and certain Financial Services Authorities.  This has helped many clients to expand their business and avoid wasting months and months when it comes too growth.  Here at Webteh we understand that time lost is revenue lost.  It is our aim to help you navigate the myriad of jargon and requirements and have you concentrate on your own brand and your own business.