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WebPay Platform

The WebPay platform is a merchant processing platform specialising in processing online transactions from domestic and international merchants on behalf of acquiring banks. It offers robust modules allowing acquirers to connect with merchants and processors providing a 24x7 mission critical secure payment processing solution.

The WebPay platform supports acquiring banks across Europe, Asia and North America.

The WebPay platform is built on Enterprise class leading database technology and provides a range of services to many financial institutions including, Authorisation, Clearing and Settlement, Merchant Funding, Exception Handling and Full Audit and Reporting Functionality. The WebPay platform is built on Oracle 11g and provides continuous availability and resiliency which is paramount. The Platform is fully redundant and has been designed with security and compliance in mind and is fully supported by us.

With high availability in mind, the platform is scalable and provides our clients with the power, performance, scalability, resilience and security required allowing your business to grow.  We offer you 99.99% availability so you can rest assured that we have your business interest at heart.

The WebPay platform is intuitive and we provide a Capacity-on-Demand model which allows us to help you grow and support your business now and in the future.  You don’t need to buy your own racks of servers and spend fortunes on technology; we cater for your needs and we have capacity to process billions of transactions per annum.

For further information on the WebPay platform, please contact us.