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Work with us - Partner programme

We are more than just a PSP and Technology Partner.

Webteh is evolving, we continue to add new services and complimentary products to our offering, allowing you to partner with one company that has the capability to offer everything from online payments to incorporation and accountancy services.

Our WebPay© payment technology makes it simple for you to integrate your existing systems and our partnering package also rewards you every time you successfully introduce a new customer to Webteh and we will continue to reward you as your client grows.

We work with a variety of companies involved in e-commerce, m-commerce, financial services and beyond, so read on to see how partnering with Webteh can benefit both you and your customers.

Referral Programme

At Webteh we are very proud of the partnerships we build, and that is why when you become a Webteh Partner we will make sure it's a rewarding experience.

We want to become and be treated as if we were your in-house payment department and create a build a significant relationship.  When you join our Partner Programme, any clients or merchants you refer to us will benefit from the peace of mind that they are taken serious and we as the experts are handling their payments, while you will benefit from financial rewards and opportunities to grow your business.  It really is that simple, we collaborate with you to get the most for the merchant.

We will work with you to create a mutually beneficial and generous commission scheme.  As we are agile, we can build the rules governing this together be it a revenue share, buy rate or other scheme based on your business model.  The concept really is simple – Refer more clients and merchants, process more business, so the more successful your clients become, the more commission you earn.

Our promise to you...

When you join our partnership scheme we will send you a free joining kit that includes all the documentation you will need to start introducing merchants and commission.

The Webteh Partner Programme gives you:

  • All Forms required to solicit merchants and submit them for underwriting
  • Generous financial rewards based on your business model
  • A range of integration methods to make integration easy for your merchant
  • A test account enabling you to demonstrate and experiment with using our system
  • A dedicated online commission tracking account in the WebPay platform that allows you to view all your merchants in one place and see your commissions growing
  • Proactive and dedicated account management & support help.
  • Access to the very latest payment technologies and evolving systems
  • Extended hours email/telephone access to our industry leading Support team
  • All commission is calculated in real time and displayed online for you; you don’t even need to send us an invoice we take the hassle out of payments.